Branson Show Tickets Direct wants you to have a fun and safe Labor Day visit to Branson. Follow these tips to have a spectacular weekend — 

1. Take a break from the sun and see a Branson Show!

Sunscreen is one way to protect yourself from the sun, but don’t forget about heat exhaustion and heat stroke. 

Avoid a dangerous medical situation by drinking plenty of fluids, wearing appropriate clothing, and seeking a cool place when you’re feeling overheated. 

Enjoy the perfect break from the heat in an air-conditioned theater. Buy tickets online to see a local show!


2. Drive safely.

Focus, determination, knowledge of the backroads, a cringe, and a friendly wave — that’s what you need to drive the streets of Branson.  Pay attention to traffic signs, lane lines, roundabouts, and other drivers.

Be considerate of other travelers and locals if you’re choosing to imbibe on Labor Day weekend. Don’t drink and drive

Instead, know what services are available. There are plenty of taxis, shuttles, and Uber drivers in Branson.

Also, the Missouri Water Patrol reported that 2021 has had the highest number of water fatalities in the past 10 years. Most were due to crossing flooded roads. In the event of a rainy Labor Day, heed the words of local meteorologists — Turn around. Don’t drown.


3. Stay safe on the lake.

For many, Labor Day weekend is the last chance to enjoy some lake time and those fleeting rays of summer sun. 

Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo, and Bull Shoals Lake provide endless opportunities for fun on the water.

Pay attention to forecasts from weather apps and the local news in order to give yourself ample time to get off the water in case storms approach.

Everyone on the boat should wear a life jacket and don’t forget a first aid kit to take care of any minor injuries. 


4. Protect yourself and your family from COVID.

Masks aren’t mandatory in many Branson businesses, but the Center for Disease Control recommends that you mask indoors even if vaccinated.

Kids too young for the vaccine are headed back to school, and of course you want to keep them safe, so help prevent the spread by masking up.


5. Store valuables safely.

Branson's residents and visitors are, with very few execeptions, honest and respectful of others. But that trusting and trustworthy nature also makes them easy targets for crime.

Theft can turn a vacation into a bummer instantly. 

Make sure to lock your car doors with the windows up. Hide your valuables from view, and park in a well-lit spot.


Enjoy your safe vacation to Ozark Mountain Country! Let’s make a tradition of it.