Has your holiday been more “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” than “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”? 

Some of your crew might be yearning for an adrenaline rush to satisfy winter restlessness, and Branson has exactly what they want. While Branson is famous for its jolly Christmas spirit and festive decorations, it’s more than a pretty face. 

Take your energetic crew on a Branson holiday adventure with these family-friendly activities:

Sing along with a Branson Show

Catch some of your favorite holiday songs at an energetic holiday show put on by some of the best performers in Branson. Feel like a down-home country Christmas? How about traditional Christmas music on hyperdrive with epic light shows? Imagine kids’ faces when they see beautiful costumes light up and stuffed animals dancing across the stage? You’ll love watching your family sing and dance along.

Set the tone for your family Christmas by reserving tickets to a Branson show.

Tube down Branson’s hills for winter thrills 

Does your family have a need for speed? Sledding is a classic winter activity. It's also a sure bet to get adrenaline and endorphins flowing. So careen down a giant hill on one of Wolfe Mountain’s tubes. 

But there’s no snow! True. Snowy Christmases in Branson are a rare treat, so Wolfe Mountain has you covered. Seek thrills on their 400 ft by 60 ft synthetic tubing run designed to feel like an authentic sledding experience.

Skate your way to Christmas magic

Ice skating is an iconic holiday experience. It’s tough to imagine a holiday movie without it, and it’s one of the most Instagrammable activities on the list. So deck yourself in adorable winter gear and twirl to your heart’s content at Holiday on Ice outdoor ice skating rink at The Track Family Fun Parks. 

Spend an evening skating around the rink under the Ferris wheel’s bright Christmas light show and next to the glittering lights of beautiful Christmas trees.  

Ride the Ferris wheel to see dazzling sights from great heights

You’re exhausted from an evening of ice skating. So it’s time to wind down, but you still want an extreme holiday experience. Look up! You won’t have to go far to enjoy the sparkling holiday lights of Branson from 150 feet up. Hop on The Branson Ferris Wheel at The Track Family Fun Parks. 

Once Chicago’s Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, it settled into its new Branson home in 2016. Where it used to look over Lake Michigan and Chicago, it now looks over one-of-a-kind Branson sites — King Kong, a giant rooster, a much larger-than-life meatball, airplanes, and topsy-turvy buildings. It’s a view you can only experience in Branson.

Jingle Bell Rock n’ Roll to Branson for memorable Christmas fun

MSN named Branson the most adorable town in Missouri. So don’t miss the action-packed Branson shows and activities that give Branson its family-friendly reputation.